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This part hit home, Jackson seem sincere and the fact GukJoo assumes that Jackson is joking says a lot. Jackson played with her and hugged her. If I’m not mistaken SeHo said something about GukJoo’s weight. I would have said the same too to Jackson. Guys use to bully me about my appearance. Jackson is the youngest in the house and is cute (Let’s be real he not ugly.) so to her it’s a joke because she is probably more use to guys like SeHo than Jackson.

Jackson seem sincere so that says a lot about him. He could of easily said Joon because they connected easily. Yet he picked her. I know Jackson play too much and is very silly but he does seem like the type to be serious when need be.

During their introductions in the living room you could see him holding her elbow or cling to her arm like Jackson is 100% here for her and I love it

do not sleep on jackson wang

Seriously never sleep on Jackson Wang y’all

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Kyungsoo’s strong dislike for aegyo

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bow down to prince kim jongin

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first of all, how dare you

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everything tao does looks so dramatic

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